About Monocacy Partners

Deepak Mokha, Founder/Principal and Senior Consultant, leads Monocacy Partners and is a highly effective Customer Experience Strategies. He will head each project with an understanding of what your goals, mission and values are. Deepak brings over 25 years of Sales Management, Operations Effectiveness, Marketing Strategy/Product Management and Finance Leadership, all to make you feel confident when you hire Monocacy Partners.
Deepak started Monocacy Partners in order to bring his passion for business growth to those who need it most, small to medium sized business owners. When dealing with the day-to-day activities of running a business, we know that sales, operations and resource growth, while critically important to you, gets set to side.


Our company consists of a few trusted firms that come together to work on projects that are headed by Monocacy Partners. A community of unique perspectives and talented resources working together to address your needs. This interaction creates a tailored system that develops and breeds your success.


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