Whether you have full time employees or are a one-person team, it may be hard to realize that not every part of your business can run as efficiently and smoothly without impartial guidance. Monocacy Partners is not your life coach nor gives you white papers on the issues you face. We dive deep into your organization to learn where you need us most. We create, implement and run the solutions before we hand them off to you. We do not believe in long term engagements that result in many billable hours. We want to be a true partner to you to create solutions for areas of improvement.
Our first approach is to have two non-billable meetings. The first is a meet and greet where we want to know a bit about you, your company and what brings you to seek a consulting firm. We in turn tell you about us. No selling, no pressure, no close. From this we find a few areas of where we can help and where you think you need the help.

Our second meeting is a bit longer where we do a discovery of sorts. We find three areas of improvement. Though we may find several from our initial consult, we want to focus on three as priorities then we can discuss where we can slide in other problems to solve. We may approach solutions in phases or we may tackle it all at one go.

Once engaged, we do a comprehensive analysis of your sales, operations and customer experience. We want to know what happens from the time you meet customers to the time they pay you. YOUR QUOTE TO CASH PROCESS. We will also learn how to market, message, deliver and follow-up on sales.

We meet again to show you our solutions. You have absolute input into the process. If changes need to be made, we make them. Once we agree on the solutions and approach, we execute on all phases quickly so you can see impact on the business and results from the improvements we have made.

We then evaluate the changes and results to make sure they are sustainable and can be managed long after we leave. Any business process improvements we do are recorded, taught and transferred to you for you to review and implement. We also create processes for you to monitor the changes we made, to make sure they are being adhered to and how to keep the positive impact going without creating additional burdens on your company.

Monocacy Partners wants to leave our engagements knowing that you are satisfied with the solutions and structures we have given you.